Saturday, December 01, 2007

What's wrong with this Robot 3 v4?

It starts to pull apart at the end. Perhaps it should be moving at about half that speed? Also, it seems too "plasticy-shiny" and, oddly, too tall. Perhaps the camera in Blender is set incorrectly. I'll take a look today.

Here is two seconds of shot four. I mean, here is the entire two seconds of shot four. Perhaps again it needs to be slowed?

Here are the changes to Robot 3 version 5:

And slowing Robot 4 version 3:


Chance Shirley said...

I have trouble judging this stuff in short YouTube bursts. Partly because YouTube picture quality is lousy, and partly because I'm not sure how the individual shots will play in the edit.

Any possibility that you might post an entire sequence for feedback?

Andrew Bellware said...

The edit and the context will determine a lot about how photo-real these robots seem. At the rate Maduka is going, we should have the animation done in a couple weeks. But something might slow him down -- we'll see.
Once I get the robot POV graphics I'll post everything so we can see how it works. I think the robot fight and the opening of the movie would be decent things to have as little "teasers" on the interwebs anyway.

Unknown said...

I'd like to see more of this. My initial comments though are that the robot is too sharp looking (focus) in comparison to the distance it is away. The landscape that is around it does not has as much definition as the robot, which makes it stand out. Perhaps some bur and grain added to give it distance.

Also if the scene has the robot hunting perhaps the motion should be less constant and more a step and scan motion - a cautious gait of a predator.

Good stuff nevertheless!

p.s. Solebury class '85

Andrew Bellware said...

Hey Michael, great to hear from you! Those are helpful comments.

I'm wondering if that's focus, or grain that's the issue. It's hard to emulate the compression and look of the ground glass with the CGI, but maybe I'll keep working on After Effects "match grain" to get that right.

We've been going back and forth about how the robot should walk. Something between a spider, a cat, and a horse, is what we have now. But maybe more "mechanical caution" is in order. Of course, the way it all edits together is key to making this work.

How ya doing?