Saturday, December 08, 2007

Marvelous Blog (Contains Nudity!)

This blog is described as "marvelous" by the fine folks at Scoopy. It's implied that it's marvelous because of the nudity, which I feel remiss in posting.
Although what if it's just pictures of absurd things I'm not posting? Perhaps absurd nudity will do (for today).
I may as well take this time to mention that big changes are taking place at Manhattan Theatre Source, where Pandora Machine has had its studio/edit suite (in what we call "Digitalsource") since it came into existence. I'm a founding member of Theatresource (and although that doesn't really mean anything I'm still kinda proud I was there when it was still a shoe store.)
Jim Lawson has come in as the new Artistic Director* (his page on the Theatresource website is totally un-linkable). Daryl Boling (who's been in all three of the movies I've made since meeting him at Theatresource) has left to work at the Signature Theater (whoever they are). Hopefully that'll mean he'll find more time to direct. And Lanie Zipoy is the new Managing Director**. One day I bet her company Avec Promotions will have a website. I'm sure she's just too busy actually promoting things to deal with it right now. ;-)

*Which means he spends a lot of time scrubbing the floor.
**Which means she spends a lot of time trying to get the copier to work.

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