Monday, September 22, 2008

I Am Torpedo Vindicator

My sister turned me onto the Sarah Palin baby name generator. It has provided much amusement.


I've decided that taking stills as a regular part of the shooting process is virtually impossible on the 12-day shoot. 18 or 22 days? Sure, make taking stills a part of every scheduled scene. 12 days? Can't do it.


Another advantage of the 12 - day shoot is that one can get liability insurance for $610 for 12 days from Film Emporium. For $50 a day, a million $ of liability insurance can't be beat.


Why do my 50mm lenses have a different focal point than my other lenses? With my Letus adapter, I have to focus the Panasonic HVX200 camera to "49" or so. With all the other lenses, it's "44". The backfocus on all the lenses would have to be the same, no? I mean, the mount couldn't be one way for a bunch of lenses, and not for two 50mm lenses? Or is it because those 50mm lenses are my fastest lenses? (f1.4) I checked my 35mm and my 85mm and the Panasonic clearly must be at "44" for them. 

I can't figure it out.


We (I) broke our Spiderbrace on Saturday. The long part which sits on the shoulder just broke in half when I hoisted it up on my shoulder. The Spiderbrace really isn't made for an HVX and a lens mount and a lens and a big battery. But it lasted six days. And although the whole rig is weighted badly and the HVX has lousy placement for its eyepiece and I become cranky while hand-holding the thing, the footage looks really good and not "cam-corder-y" when we use it.

On Sunday I strapped a squeegee to the Spiderbrace. That was really freakin' uncomfortable. We ordered another one so we should have it by next weekend. I'll use the squeegee to clean some windows or something.

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