Saturday, September 20, 2008

Uprising Update

We got our new dual-quad-core Mac. It took 6 hours to load the software onto it. But it seems to work and we've begun editing on it, rather than taking up Blair's computer. 

The aluminum keyboard is nice.

Maduka built this opening in Maya. Using a web tutorial, I made the background.

We shoot a bunch of stuff this weekend. We'll be more than 1/2 way through principal photography by the end of the weekend and we'll certainly be "over the hump" as far as shooting goes. 

We need AAA batteries and coat hangers. It would really float my boat if by the end of next week we had a cut of "Act 1" which would be everything through the Marines leaving the ship. As always, we try to avoid front-title text because we just have to duplicate the picture and put it at the end of the videotape without titles for overseas distribution. White text on black at the end of the movie eliminates that problem ;-).

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