Monday, September 22, 2008

More cursing for you

For the amusement of people who love to watch their friends curse, I bring you some pieces of dailies from 0802 The Uprising.

We'll start with some unscripted cursing. Tom and Jang go off on one another:

Here's some takes wherein Amelia Campbell (Sgt. Lee) rips Ben Sulzbach (Jacks) a new one. James Becton as Martins and Medina Senghore as Connor appear at the beginning.

More unscripted cursing as Mozz Mendez is about to die:

And lastly, something safe for the kids (I think). Tana Sarntinoranont (Hubert) saves Jacks.

I'm not putting up full dailies just because we're editing picture now and it takes up too much computer time to put up the dailies. But the new 8-core Mac is (knock on wood) doing well so maybe we can do some more dailies this week.

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