Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Progress Report

I found this resource with free images of "planet maps" to use in 2-D and 3-D programs.

Here are some tutorials for After Effects which are excellent.

I realized the following in regards to 0802 The Uprising: We will start locking reels of the picture by the end of this month and we will have a final picture lock of the whole thing in December. The dialog edit, sound edit, and mix should all be complete before the end of January."

Maduka is working incredibly hard on the edit. We're getting spanked a little because of our slating method which puts just as little information at the head of a take as possible.* But it's not too hard because our shooting ratio is so low.

We seem to have almost 15 minutes of the picture edited but the first four minutes are an incredibly self-indulgent exercise in Kubrick-esque silent images for the purpose of the director's amusement. I'll post it sometime under "Why the Director shouldn't be allowed to edit."

*We just shoot, someone yells out the number of the sound file, we slate, and we go. We're trying to say the number of the scene every once in a while so at least that's on the sound track, but NOTHING is written on the slate. Sue me.

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Chance Shirley said...

On-slate information is overrated.