Monday, September 08, 2008

Scheduling is Hard

... which is why it's two whole job categories: the 1st AD in pre-production, and the 2nd AD in production. The 2nd AD will likely take up half of every dang day working on the call sheets for the following day.

And that's what I'm doing today. It's kinda comical how much time it takes.

Also, I'm staring down the throat of buying a dual quad-core Mac. Probably in a couple weeks. Probably an Apple "refurbished" model.

Also, I'm thinking that perhaps as a matter of course we'll go ahead and submit to Toronto, SXSW, and Tribeca. The odds of getting into one of those festivals is pretty low, but taking the Mulberry Street model, it might help with getting theatrical N. American distribution. Even if most of that kind of distribution has dried up by now. It's probably worth the $150 or so it'll cost. Sundance, I imagine, is just a waste of time for us.

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