Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Readying the Ikarus

Wow, Jason Birdsall modified the signage on the cockpit for us. That's really going above and beyond.

Of course, the Marines appropriated their ship from the Mobile Infantry (similar to how U.S. Marines steal Army trucks), so it would still have some MI markings on it.

This is the cockpit. We shoot tomorrow.


Joshua James said...

Looks great, but Ikarus?

Andrew Bellware said...

Yeah, as noted somewhere else I realized that we saw the name "Ikarus" all over the cockpit, there was no way to shoot around it. So I figured "OK, the ship has to be called the Ikarus." What I wasn't expecting was that they'd go and make special signs for us anyway!

Chance Shirley said...

a) "Ikarus" is an awesome name for a space ship.

b) That cockpit set ROCKS.

Break a leg tomorrow!

Joshua James said...

It's not a bad name (I like Poor Richard better) but it was just used as a spaceship name, for the Danny Boyle film, I believe. Though they spelled it Icarus, after the greek myth about the man who built wings of wax and when he flew too close to the sun, they melted.

Joshua James said...

That corridor looks pretty damn cool, I have to say.