Sunday, September 28, 2008

Reel 9

Here's some stills which I pulled from the 8th day of shooting (reel 9) of 0802 The Uprising. We shot a lot on Saturday so there's lots more to put up. 

I'll put up stills from Sunday's footage tomorrow.

Kumiko Konishi and Ben Sulzbach as Corporal Ryan and Private Jacks.

My tableau of Mozz Mendez, Daniel Blatman, Tana Sartinoranont, Tom Rowen, and Jeff Plunkett.

Tom Rowen as Theo.

Maduka Steady as Warchild, with Rebecca Kush as Dunn.

Maduka Steady (Warchild) and Kumiko Konishi (Ryan).

Rebecca Kush as Dunn.

Ivory Aquino as Gomi.

Tana Sartinoranont as Hubert.

Ben Sulzbach (Jacks) and Amelia Campbell (Lee).

Laura Schlachtmeyer dropping the slate at the top of a scene.

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