Friday, August 20, 2010

Today in the Pandora Machine

Day 2: We have our first mixes of acts 2, 3, and 5. Which means we have locked picture on those three acts (out of eight.)
This movie has a drop-dead date for deliverables of November 3rd 2010 (which is when the American Film Market begins.)
Unused art for Alien Uprising.

Earthkiller: we've been on a 2-weekend hiatus on this picture. We're diving right back in though in a week. I really should make up call sheets. The movie looks great. We're waiting on a couple models from Ian Hubert. We have to have a quick edit of this picture with as many visual effects as possible ready a few weeks before the AFM (early October) so that our distributor can make a trailer for the movie.

Clonehunter: we're starting work on a 25-second cable TV commercial. David Frey will be editing.

And our next movie: I don't know what it will be. Either I'm going to scramble out a screenplay in 30 days about giant monsters roaming 'round New York City, or we're going to shoot someone else's script.


DAVID FREY said...

Giant monsters in NYC. I love those movies.

Andrew Bellware said...

Moar monsters!