Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Psychedelic Coat

So of extreme and utmost importance in the world is my getting a psychedelic jacket. I have very specific needs though, I want it to be a cutaway coat with a mandarin collar.

Well this British goth-ish company, Drac-in-a-box, has something like that. They call it a Versailles tapestry Frock Coat. Actually, the cut is great. Unfortunately the only color combination they don't have right now is the one in this picture -- red and gold. That looks to me to be the best color combination. And really I was going for dark colors like this but with a paisley print.

So if I get a custom coat maybe I can show the draper this picture. Or maybe I can get Dracinthebox to make me one special. Here's a funny thing -- they want a three month lead time to make the jacket. Hee!

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