Friday, August 27, 2010


I may have linked this before but here's an article on refoaming speakers. I have this pair of Infinity SM 122 cabinets which a friend gave to me nigh on 10 years ago (and she probably had them for 10 years before that) and the foam has just disintegrated.But apparently you can get foam for these Infinity speakers on eBay. So I'm a-gonna try that for about $20. If it works it'd be awesome.
If you like teh crazy, there's some crazy for you right here.
And before you're done, hipster dinosaurs.


Anthony said...

Wait, shouldn't this be on the Tyrannosaurus Mouse blog? [cue puzzled face LOLcat]

Andrew Bellware said...

Yeah, I wasn't sure. But it really doesn't apply to T-mouse or even music in general, it's just my home stereo.

It's really the LOLcat which sets this post's fate to be on Empirical Pleasures.