Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Meydl In Hand Is Worth

My dad decided to take Meydl off the chair so that she wouldn't jump down and bother Pushkin. Ha!
Putting the cat to bed.
They both really love this chair. I don't know why. Pushkin really disappears into it, Meydl (being orange), not so much.

Meydl gets a bit squirmy.

Because we play favorites around here and ol' Pushkin gets the chair (apparently). I told my dad there was no way he was going to pick Meydl up off that chair ('cause as a cat, she tends to dig in with all four cylinders paws.) But boy, he proved me wrong.

And that's what there is to say about that.
OK, she gets a LOT squirmy. Does that tail even belong to her?
All of this so Pushkin can get some rest without a noisy kitten banging around the place.
The King in repose.

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