Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ridiculous Animals

Pushkin being shy.
These cats get along pretty well now. They sleep near one another and they will play together even though Pushkin is an old man now and Meydl is just a little pipsqueak.
This evening they both ran to the door when I got home. That was fun.
Pushkin has, though, been a bit more off-put of late. He's not as big on jumping in my lap as he used to was. Maybe I don't watch as much TV?
Meydl, Pushkin, Dad, all trying to check email.
The two cats love my dad's desk-chair. They will actually crowd him as he's on the computer.
Meydl pretends she is a squirrel.
They do a reasonable job of sleeping through the night. Six am is another story though. Luckily with my stepmom back from knee rehab and walking with a cane already(!), they bug her for breakfast and not me.

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