Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Seventh Day of Earthkiller

Today we got a lot of coverage pretty quickly. We're only shooting one day this weekend. Next weekend we'll make up for it by shooting three days in a row.
Nat Cassidy overacting while Michael Bordwell noms, Libby Csulic looks very Vermeer and nonchalant (she was the door operator in this scene) and yes this was just the rehearsal, Nat chewed far less scenery in the actual take (well, maybe in the third actual take. ;-)
One thing which I don't feel I've been doing a good enough job of is getting stills of our leads. I've been using "camera rehearsal" to shoot the scene motion-picture and what I should be doing is shooting stills. Either that or when we get to the end of a scene someone should say "Hey Drew, shoot stills!"
This is the cover of the first Tom Rowen solo album. Zombies eye him hungrily.
So somebody remind me to shoot more stills.
Nat Cassidy... I... I have no idea what he's doing here. Maybe he just knows his character has about 12 more seconds of screen time before his ignominious death.  In the meantime Lucy Rayner readies her Saltz-Heiburg NT21P thermal inertia plasma rifle to put some hurt on some zombies.

The only thing that's been hard on this shoot is that we have to completely wrap our sets down flat and set them on palettes at the end of the day. Whew! That adds a lot to our day. It would be vastly easier if we could just leave them standing.
Other than that, things are going great.
I wish I could report on how the GH1 responds to being "hacked". Maybe some compression artifacts are gone? Honestly, I have no idea because I just see the movie through the viewfinder. As we get further into post maybe we'll have a clue. I'll tell ya more as I know it.


Nat said...

Cut me some slack, dammit, I was being eaten!

In that second photo, my character was thinking, "Guys. I know we're in the middle of a war, while running from zombies, and trying to shut down a massive gun that could destroy the Earth, but, do you ever just stop and realize, 'Whoa, we are totally in space?!' I mean, think about it: how trippy is that?! Space, guys!"

Andrew Bellware said...

SPACE, man!