Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Synopsis

A new place to buy Clonehunter. Interestingly, they have their own synopsis. They must have written it themselves. I think it's the best synopsis of the movie so far:

In a bleak future where the wealthy elite have achieved immortality by harvesting the organs of clones, a clone-hunter and his partner uncover evidence of deep-rooted corruption on a secluded planet ruled by a brutal despot. Gulliver wants to live forever, but when one of his clones escapes, his private paradise starts to crumble. Now the closer Cane and Angela come to capturing the renegade clone, the more they realize that they may be fighting for the wrong side.

The back cover of the Clonehunter box actually has an amusing typo in it where the name "Gulliver" is replaced by "Montserrat". Montserrat is not the name of a character but rather the name of the actor/playwright Montserrat Mendez who plays "Peck" and also wrote Earthkiller.

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