Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Terminal State

So I'm all caught up with my Avery Cates series. I just finished The Terminal State by Jeff Somers. That dude can write. The entire world of this somewhat post-apocalyptic earth (just slightly in the future) is deep, complicated, and complete.
Cover to the French version of The Electric Church
This latest book is possibly his (Jeff's) most brilliant idea (and one which you could apply to a million different scenarios). The hero gets a full military modification -- similar to the mods in Old Man's War but as with most things Jeff Somers it's very specific. The HUD is brilliant. Maybe I have a thing for nanobot - enhanced military body upgrades 'cause I don't want to work to get into shape and I'd prefer to not fall apart as I get old.
Anyway -- the hero gets his body upgraded with augments BUT there's a failsafe explosive charge built into his brain and his worst enemy has the button and a job for Avery to do. Awesome, right?
Hell, our next movie should be built around that idea.
Actually, there's a slight chance that the cover of the book The Electric Church can be seen in the background of the love scene in Day 2. I'm not sure, I haven't seen the edit yet but I noticed the book was there when we were shooting it. I wonder if we'll have to blur it out? ;-)

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