Thursday, August 19, 2010

Good Theater Lately

So it's the dog days of August and the New York Fringe Festival is happening. Ironically the slowest season for theater is also the busiest time for theater in New York. [The Fringe, unfortunately, doesn't pay nearly enough for Theatresource to make its nut, so although we were "Fringe Central" one year, we've managed to avoid being a Fringe venue since.]
Vincent Marano in Solar Vengeance.

Jen and Liz in Love was first performed at Theatresource. I'm saying that without verifying it, it's possible the show was performed somewhere else earlier, but if I write down that the premiere was at Theatresource then it seems quite authoritative, doesn't it? In any case, I really enjoyed the show. Heck, you don't even need to listen to me, here's a nice web review which says of the play "a small, honestly touching story of love and regret emerges like aromatic steam" 

Our man Vinnie Marano produced.

I also saw The Great Galvani from the Chicago company The Magpies Project. It's a bonkers and nuts show with an ending you totally won't expect but it's one of the most brilliant 30 minutes of theater you'll ever see. C'mon! Bearded ladies! What's there not to like? 

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