Saturday, August 28, 2010

Earthkiller Day Seven

Call in NYC was 11am and we wrapped people to be on a 7:09pm train back out of Metuchen.

Lots of zombies, a little bit of zombie action, some walkin' and talkin'
Shane Jacobsen and Irene Antoniazzi - they're not dead, they're dormant.
Ben Guralnik - walk by him as you would a hungry bear's cave in early Spring.
Joe and Libby, who just got back from St. Croix the night before somehow made two more doors for the Earthkiller Station. I don't know when they built the doors, I think they may have actually made them in St. Croix. We totally weren't expecting the doors. Or Joe and Libby. They were tres awesome. All of them!

Evil zombies lie dormant on the floor, waiting for the right time to strike.
Don't worry. I'll be soon.

Michael Bordwell thinking "Nat Cassidy looks tasty. So does Tom Rowen."

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