Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Better Lucky Than Smart

You're asking yourself "What should I be doing?"
Lucky for you, I have the answer. It's getting yourself down to Theatresource to see Better Lucky Than Smart. It's like Pulp Fiction meets the Coen brothers but with more laughs. I had a great time.

Yes, I made Greg Bodine pose with my favorite prop from the show.
It stars Sarah Doudna, who was in our Solar Vengeance (although she's much sexier in her thigh-high hose and a cute little dress in Better Lucky). And Better Lucky Than Smart was directed by Joe Beuerlein, who was in Earthkiller. Oh look, the intolerably sexy Greg Bodine, who was also in Solar Vengeance (there's actually a picture of Greg and Sarah together from that shoot) produced!
Sexy dames, double - crosses, potty-mouthed kids tellin' off gangsters... what's there not to love? Buy yourself some tickets and have a great time.

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