Saturday, January 05, 2013

iO9 Snarketh

I'd missed that we got snarkily mentioned in i09 recently. They actually quote an Amazon review of Android Insurrection, if you can believe that.
As one Amazon reviewer put it, "This flick is notable for one thing only: Having the only R-rated production logo I have ever screened." Goddammit, now I kind of want to see it.
I do not get all the hate on the Total Recall remake. I only saw it last night (I think I was in production while it was in the theaters so I couldn't make it.) But they do a lot of things right in that picture.
The art direction is spectacular. The tiered city has a fantastic and working geography. Sure, somebody spent a lot of time looking at Blade Runner, and the anamorphic flares started to bug me there at the beginning, but the textures of the environments were pretty fantastic.
The androids were exceptionally cool.
Boy they weren't afraid of putting people of color in the picture. Not in the three leads, of course, but otherwise they were not afraid of non-stereotypes of Africans and Asians.
The script is very clean. They do a number of things where they reduce the number of characters from the original in a very smart way. And they combine some scenes very intelligently.
So all in all that iO9 list is not a bad one to be on.

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