Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Today is the day that's all about reading about expendables.  At a buck a piece there are powder rounds for .68mm paintball guns. There's also sparking, grease, dust, and paint balls.
I'm also experimenting with wetransfer.com. Maduka suggested them because they'll transfer files up to 2GB. And you know, we need to move files that size all the time. So we'll see. I've got a file just a tad over 1GB and so far it says I've got 3 hours remaining to upload. The slowness is, without a doubt, the fault of my own ISP.
Rebecca brought me pounds of gingerbread cookies from Germany. This is not, nor can it come, to good. I gotta unload these cookies on people or I'll never lose any weight.
She also likes this sci-fi movie called Love.

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