Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wonderment and Suchlike

So you're wondering about my standing desk. You're thinking "I wonder if Drew wants to invade Iraq without assembling enough men or materiel to do it?"
The answer is no.
But as far as making my legs feel better, the answer is yes. At least so far. It's not a world of comfortable to stand and write. But the fact is that I go back-and-forth from the standing workstation to sitting down again at another computer a whole bunch.
Remembrest thou that the desk was supposed to only cost $22? And that since I didn't use the shelf it was even cheaper than that (like, theoretically $7?) Well, preemptively I got one of these standing mats for another 20 bucks. Click through. Buy one for yourself. Your knees will thank you.

 Those mats are impossible to photograph. So just trust that I'm standing on one.

You know what I've been buying like it's candy? These little portable hard drives:

We use them for deliverables. Our distributor yells at us if we give him anything other than 800 Firewire drives and these sexy little things have everything and they can totally be buss-powered.
Another thing they work great for is hooking up to a Sound Devices recorder in order to make a simultaneous hard-drive recordings along with the recording on the CF card. Again, no external power is needed.


Allan Mackey said...

Standing desks are brilliant. Changed over last summer. Couldn't go back. Takes the legs a bit of adjusting, especially if you're doing full time (so it's good you're going back and forth) but standing and being free and mobile while working is wonderful. And my energy levels are actually higher, a lot, than they were before.

And yes, I padded my floor as well.

Andrew Bellware said...

I haven't drunk the Kool Aid on it yet but my legs are much less crampy at night. Having *tired* legs from standing is vastly better than cramped and stiff muscles from not moving at all (and it's strange how *standing* is "moving" compared to sitting down).
The pad on the floor seems to be critical to me.
Also, I've taken to removing my shoes. I'm not going to go all hippie just yet, I still have my pants on... as far as you know...