Thursday, January 10, 2013

Love Me

Last night's Samana rehearsal:
I used Adobe's Audition to record, with the Mac Mini (having stolen it out of the office for the evening.) I used the M-Audio 2626 as the A/D converter. That's not how we're going to be doing things in the future. I'm bringing my old quad-core PC and recording with Samplitude and that's that. I'll be able to leave the computer at the studio.
Right now we're using a pair of Oktava mics as the right and left of the drums. And there's a "center" AKG C12A. There is a fantasy world I live in where we eliminate that center microphone. That same fantasy world has us using two of these beautiful Edwina microphones. But more on that at some other time.
Have you noticed that my notes on this blog are sometimes really detailed and are of no value to you, the gentle reader?
Here is a slow blues jam on the bass like of a Doors song. My feeling is that we may have abandoned the actual Doors song altogether.
  My personal notes about me go like this:

  • I felt that my guitar playing was not always very controlled. Sometimes I would "bark", especially on the G string. I dig where we're going with the drums. Sometimes the other bands in the rehearsal studio nearby are freaking loud.
  • We need the mic on Greg's amp to be a whole bunch closer. I was not as careful about that as I should have been.
  • Man, even with the M-Audio the levels coming out of the Neve preamps is hot. 
  • I messed up my input list. I noticed while we were recording. Basically I put the bass in the wrong preamp/channel. 
  • You know what works well? Non-linear summing amp emulators. Right now I'm liking the channels for the mixer they used on Dark Side of the Moon.
  • The preamps on the M-Audio are almost adequate for recording guitars. I really did not like the Focusrite Scarlett on guitars. 

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