Sunday, March 22, 2009

Brilliant Illustrator

Yes. I am a brilliant illustrator. I know. Just look at the detail in the face. I could have been a police sketch artist.

Here are my initial design sketches for the Venturer-9 ship. I want a practical set which we would actually "land" by putting on a forklift and dropping down into frame or tilting down along with it.

I know we want lots of lights pointing directly at the camera as the thing moves. Why? Because lens flare solves all problems.

At the bottom I made a picture with a clip-art forklift. I used Open Office's drawing program. The note I got back from the set designer was "I don't know if this will work from an engineering perspective." That made me laugh because of course it would fall apart from an engineering perspective. But it was the concept of the idea which will eventually work which is what I meant to convey. ;-)


Joe Gage is like the gay version of me. That is, if I put fewer cats and more nudity on my website.


I'm reviewing the Blake Snyder five-point finale:

Step 1: The hero, and the hero team, come up with a plan to “storm the castle” and “free the princess” who is “trapped in the tower.”

Step 2: The plan begins. The wall of the castle is broached. The heroes enter the Bad Guys’ fort. All is going according to plan.

Step 3: Finally reaching the tower where the princess is being kept, the hero finds… she’s not there! And not only that, it’s a trap! It looks like the Bad Guy has won.

Step 4: The hero now has to come up with a new plan. And it’s all part and parcel of the overall transformation of the hero and his need to “dig deep down” to find that last ounce of strength (i.e., faith in an unseen power) to win the day.

Step 5: Thinking on the fly, and discovering his best self, the hero executes the new plan, and wins! Princess freed, friends avenged, Bad Guy sent back to wherever Bad Guys go when they are defeated (Two Bunch Palms?) — our hero has triumphed.


Cunningham said...

Re: 5 point plan - sounds awfully familiar.

Andrew Bellware said...

Hey, if it worked for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics then it can work for me!

Chance Shirley said...

Re: "Because lens flare solves all problems."