Sunday, March 29, 2009

Squibs and You

Rather than create the content of my own blog, I'll use the comments from other people's blogs. We have done many experiments with explosive-less squibs. I like the idea of the actor actually controlling the squib's timing. Here's Bill Martell's comment on his own post regarding his movie experiment.

Because I saw THE WILD BUNCH at a tender age... buy some aquarium plastic tubing. Buy one of those lens cleaner bellows things at the camera store. Buy a piece of aluminum tubing, bend it at a 45' angle (you'll need one of those coil things to bend tubing - I built model cars and had stuff like that). Bellows to plastic tubing to aluminum tubing to and old belt with alum tube poking out belt hole. Fill with fake blood - you want thin blood, more water than syrup. Belt goes under costume - slice little hole for alum tube to peek out. Plastic tube goes down leg. Bellows is under acror's shoe.

Now place actor out in the open - away from everything.

Take another actor with plastic gun that flashes - put them across from blood rigged actor - high noon style.
I don't really know what kind of aluminum tubing he's talking about here. But I dig the idea overall. I think we've tended to use blood that was too thick. That's been a problem. So we'll thin the blood now...

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