Sunday, March 08, 2009

Quontract Cuota

Abandoned building in Central Michigan. Isn't it funny that Windsor Ontario is south of Detroit?

I've used up 57% of my allowable image quota on Blogger. It won't be too much longer that I'll just have to move to a new blog account. Or something.

Tomorrow I send out the last (I hope) of the contracts for Alien Uprising.


Here are some notes on Nikon lenses. I've concluded that we do indeed need to use the Nikon D90 for exteriors in New York in order to shoot with available streetlight. And we need the fastest lenses.

There is some merit to the Vivitar over the Nikon 85mm. But nominally it would be better for us to use the same lens manufacturer just so the color and such tends to match when going from wide to closeup. We think.

Vivitar Series 1 85mm f1.4 $375
Nikon 35mm f1.4 perfect optics and operation $500 store -- $255 cheapest auction. I just got outbid at $358 for one in perfect condition.


Cunningham said...

Grab that image - put the Strakk Industries logo on the side and voila!

Know what i mean?

Andrew Bellware said...

Oh but we would never ever use a non-creative-commons image for our work! ;-) (I know, that's a non-commercial license, but I'm sure there are some CC images we could get...)