Friday, March 06, 2009

New Ink

So we just inked a deal for a new movie, Clonehunter by Eric Steele. Good news? It's not an ensemble piece. Bad news? It wasn't written as a low-budget but rather as an off-world noir thriller about a professional clone hunter... well, this actually:

2525 A.D. David Cain is the Clonehunter - employed to capture escaped clones so that their genetic fathers can use them as hosts to gain immortality. But when this particular clone uses his mutant powers to control a planet's entire mafia, Cain becomes the hunted instead of the hunter.

I have no idea how we're going to shoot it. I think I have the hoverbikes figured out but the dystopian city on the alien planet is going to take some work. 

In about a week we should start scheduling. 

Via Stu. Robots versus trees.

Also, online production. I don't know if we would bother.

Bill Cunningham's article on The Watchmen (with Frank Miller's taking offence!).

What if God disappeared?

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