Sunday, March 08, 2009

Girls With Cats

Why? Tell me why Bill Cunningham hasn't linked to this article from the New Yorker yet? ;-) (Sure, it's about a big player, Lion's Gate, but in telling about the audience and the story and the marketing it's everything we little companies need to be doing and aware of.)*

My favorite quote:
“I’m managing my stress that they want a guy named Doobie to cut the trailer.”

How to fake a sick-day call. Advice from Fiona Jones.

*Wow it would be so much easier if I could write a coherent sentence.


Cunningham said...

Because I am writing the G*d D*mn script!!!! That's why I'm not trolling the internet finding nuggets of gold like that. As if it would kill you to send it to me...

Back to writing.


Andrew Bellware said...

Now THAT'S what I like to hear! ;-)

I gotta get back into the hottub with these models now. I wonder if the chlorine will hurt my gold chains...

-- Mr. Producer