Monday, March 16, 2009


Well it looks like the Sci-Fi Channel is rebranding itself to become...


As of the timestamp on this blog post, there was no content at the above site.

According to the NYTimes article linked above:

"According to SNL Kagan, a media research company, Sci Fi had 95.2 million subscriber households last year, compared with 93 million in 2007 and 88.2 million in 2006. SNL Kagan estimated ad revenue for Sci Fi at $423.9 million last year, compared with $392.7 million in 2007 and $394.6 million in 2006."
That's good news, actually. Just a few years ago they were pretty frantic because their Neilsen numbers had been plummeting.

Interestingly, this is mentioned in that Times article:

"No discussion of change affecting consumers could ignore what Mr. Howe called the “Tropicana debacle” — the recent decision by a unit of PepsiCo to abandon a major package redesign for Tropicana orange juice after shoppers vociferously complained."

I thought those new Tropicana containers made them look like they were the "generic" brand. Honestly, when I saw them in a bodega I thought they were some bootleg orange juice.

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