Monday, March 23, 2009

Testing Testing

More tests of looks. I feel these look better as still images than as video. I have no idea why these renders have no sound. Here is a test of the Cartoon effect with the "Night Vision" preset. Obviously the trial period has run out but you get the idea:

Test -- cartoon Night Vision from Andrew Bellware on Vimeo.

And this is the "Comic Book" look:

The following are notes just for me. Pay no attention.
telekinesis only affects metal
who would do that? I don't know. Only Peck has access and I trust him implicitly
Make guy in alley armored
but there's a bomb on my ship -- no, it's a proximity actuation device
the satellites won't blow as long as either of us are alive on the planet
Gulliver 9 holds Rachel by using telekinetics on her hand -- making Cain agree to let them have the ship.
Cain reveals he knew all along that there was no bomb on his ship -- it was the trigger for the sat defense system

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Cunningham said...

I'm liking that comic book look. With multiple colors it could really work... at least for the opening title sequence.