Friday, March 06, 2009


The Blade series I'm watching on has me pretty well hooked. I'm surprised at how good the art direction is. And the mix is better by episode 3 than it was for the pilot.
The characters are strong. It's not as predictable as TV series' usually are. And it looks like each episode is more than 12 days of shooting. I have no idea how they budgeted for this.
The analog of the racial politics is vastly more interesting in the series than in the films. At least what I interpret as the analog of racial politics. And it sure looks like they actually shot in Detroit. The exteriors don't look like LA, that's for sure. Maybe they shot in Canada somewhere where it's grey outside all the time*. That's the right exterior look for Blade.
I'm a big fan of the second Blade movie especially. But the series has things which I think are even better than the movie versions. Oddly, in the TV series the "world" seems a bit more complete.
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*Yep, Vancouver in fact.

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