Friday, May 15, 2009


Build an ancient ball of wonder.

The Queen of Mars has three words she hates. These are they.


I've been averaging just slightly more than a hundred hits on this blog every day. Most of those are from actors wondering what the hell they've gotten themselves into.

I'm a little bit obsessed with the documentary and book, The Journey of Man by Spencer Wells. I've been trying to figure out, since an anthropologist was once quoted in the paper regarding Kennewick Man saying something to the effect that Native Americans were more closely related to Europeans than to Asians.

I just finished the book. I can't even begin to say I understand what the M168 marker is or how it relates to anybody, those parts of the book confused a Drew. But the antediluvian history of humans has always fascinated me. I mean, gee whiz, they made it to Australia and to Hawaii and over the land-bridge during the freakin' ice age to America. Me? I would have been one of those early modern humans who was all like "Hey. The Mediterranean. The Mediterranean's nice. Let's stay here."

Bonus additional fun fact: 150 years ago only 30% of those living in France spoke French.

Next up on the New York Public Library's "Make sure Drew has a book to read" campaign: Nick Mason's Inside Out, the story of Pink Floyd; and then it's onto the Nymphos of Rocky Flatts.

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