Thursday, May 07, 2009


Sometimes I have to make decisions on my own. It's a tad odd. I'm so used to being able to ask the Council of Elders I've surrounded myself with that occasionally nobody's around or (worse) nobody wants to give an opinion and then I have to do it all myself. You'd think that, as director, I'd relish those times but I usually don't.


Today we've asked a couple actors about playing the roles of "Sly" and "Stone" (hey, you don't like it? Talk to the writer. ;-) This weekend we actually shoot the big ending scene of the movie.

When talking to Vinnie, who will be playing Gulliver, I realized that we need to give Althea (the hostess) a tick -- a thing to distinguish her. I don't know what that will be. It has to be something physical. I'll write to the actor playing her role about that.

The image above is my idea for the side of the "villain" hoverbike. I'm going to print that out and we'll attach that to the side of the tube which is the bike.

How are we going to make the vase explode?


So, Pogue writes about this thingy you can get which will broadcast 802.11 all around you. It works off the Verizon high-speed cellular network. For those who absolutely rely on working Internet during the day, the $60 a month would be totally worth it. That would be an excellent backup system. Or, if you're in my dang office with the incredibly slow Internet, the primary system. Feh.

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