Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Color correction

Here's a picture of the beautiful and charming Angela Funk.


So one thing which is irksome is that Macs, PC's, and video monitors all have different gammas. That means that things which look fine on, say, a Mac, will look way dark on a PC.

The other thing is that I think we're going to want an extreme "look" in this picture. There are two reasons: one is that heavy cc work is the way that movies look nowadays and we tend to get into trouble with distributors when we don't do that; the other reason is that it will likely make our compositing easier.

The first still of Angela here is un-color-corrected. The second still has some Magic Bullet color-correction. The third one has some... other MB color-correction.

Personally I like the un-color-corrected version. But the cc version does (mostly) keep the skin tones intact and it does an interesting thing where the shadows go to green (I tried to get the highlights to go to blue but that hasn't really happened for me here.)

We have to establish a color scheme for the picture. At least we have to establish what colors are in what part of the picture. I'd love to get some flythroughs of the city to look at some composites with the inside and the outside of the spaceship to see how the cc is working. But at least I won't make another amber movie! ;-)

Let me find out what Maduka thinks...

Gimme your opinion. Tell me if you're looking on a Mac or PC.

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Laura, Queen of Mars said...

I like the strong color look of #2 and it's more like what genre pictures look like these days. But I think #3 is easier to watch.