Monday, May 18, 2009

The Sixth Day

This is another Clonehunter set in my parent's basement. The idea here (unlike yesterday) is to light everything down. And there was a lot of haze. A lot.

Most of today's work was hand-held (I can still feel it in my arms.) But we did a couple shots at the end on sticks because we didn't want to match move the camera in CG when we did things like disintegrate Sue.

These pictures aren't color corrected. Obviously the very hazy ones will have to have their blacks sunk.

Susan Rankus, Jef Betz, Carly Hirshberg, and H. R. Britton in a seedy bar on Tara 6.

Sue Rankus.

Jef Betz as Stone.

Greg Bodine as the bartender.

Carly Hirshberg is a poor loser at cards.

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