Monday, May 11, 2009

Sundries on Mondays

Now that I've had my fill of waffles and fishsticks I can think a bit more clearly. We have a lot of casting to do for this coming weekend. For some reason none of the actors I wrote to last week bothered to write back to me.

We shot quite a bit this weekend. We did a grapply and ugly fight scene which I think will come out pretty well. Maduka and I were talking about how much better we are at getting coverage. He makes great suggestions on set for inserts we might need.

I think we're going to be back in my parent's basement next weekend. I have to build the set ("sets" -- a bunch of silk hung around and lots of lights).

The Nikon lenses are interesting. We do get a lot more flare with them but they're easier to focus. I do wish we could work in lower light than we seem to need with the HVX200. But we're borrowing both Brian and Blair's light kits so we can pour a good deal of light on people.

I think this rabbit's name is Mango. But Hungarian is shockingly low on cognates with Romance and Germanic languages so how the heck would I know?

The Waterphone. I want one. I'll never ask you to do the underscore of a horror movie again. Can I have one? Puleeze?

Decal paper. For making the sides of hoverbikes. How did I agree to make a movie that has freakin' hoverbikes in it? When will the cast realize just how low the budget is? Please please please don't tell them.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond. I keep wanting to use this guitar motif as the "hero" theme in movies. I almost sorta did in Solar Vengeance. I do think I may get a drummer and play for a day in the studio to create the basis for the music in Clonehunter and Fly By Night.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd

Lastly, the Asylum is actually making original productions for the Sci-Fi Channel (or whatever they're calling it) now. Well, at least they made this one: Megafault. I like the Asylum guys, but they've always seemed to take their filmmaking as a bit of a joke. It always felt like they were pretty toungue-in-cheek to me. I dunno. They certainly never sounded very good. But we'll see. Personally, I'd love to be making our movies for the Sci-Fi Channel (oh right, it's "SyFy" now). But unfortunately the SF Channel doesn't like "off world" science fiction. It gives them really low ratings.

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