Friday, May 29, 2009

Variety of Sanguine

Second Variety was the Phillip Dick story they made into Screamers. I always thought that Screamers was ALMOST a good movie. Oddly, they seem to have taken out many of the cooler and more cinematic things from the book. Note to self: normally you want to go the other way on that. There's now a sequel to the movie, Screamers: the Hunting.

Pleasure for the Empire notes:
Glass Stone is the answer to x.
Suite of Blue is useless.
One of Those Days is a variation on x with a pedal and the melody played in the alto range.
Walruses in Love and Old Turks aren't really worth anything.
Wide Sargasso Sea really isn't anything.

Clonehunter notes:
Due to the incredible weirdness of our rendering situation, this is what I've come up with as a possibility for our opening shot. I have lost all sense or objectivity on this shot. I'm sorely tempted to not even do the move.

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