Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Too Old To Be Playing With Dollies

This is an image from Patrick Merminod. He's a Swiss fellow who made a model we used in Millennium Crisis.

Let me tell you, photo-real art like this in the daylight is really hard to get!

The Eazy Dolly system is less than $600. I do wish it had curved track. We have a dolly which works pretty well but the problem is the dang thing is so big it's hard to transport.

The Quote of the day is from Chance Shirley: "I saw Trek a week after watching Wolverine, a quarter-assed flick that strives for half-assedness in its best moments."

And yes, thank you John Scalzi. I do want a LAN Party Commander.


Ian said...

Daylight stuff can be pretty darn hard, but I think he's only really using this technique here;

The reflections and specular maps really help as well.

Almost all good 3d programs have the option of "global illumination" or "Ambient Occlusion" or "Final Gather"- some solution for ambient daylight (usually blue, like in that image, because the sky's blue).

But yeah- I don't know what it's called in Maya, but even in space it can add quite a bit (even if it's not totally realistic)

Andrew Bellware said...

Yes, absolutely, although I didn't mean lighting so much as modeling and texturing are hard in daylight because you see everything of those models and textures in daylight.

And you, YOU Ian, are the king of daylight photoreal renders so I don't wanna hear about it! ;-)