Friday, May 01, 2009

Camera settings

I've been using the same camera setup since Millennium Crisis when Jim Mickle set the camera up for us on the Panasonic DVX100 and which I sort of transferred to the HVX200. And so I've made three very amber - looking movies.

But now I'm going to dial the chroma phase back to 0 from -7. That's the only camera setting change I'm making. We're also going to (at least start out with) Nikon f1.4 lenses.

These then are my new setting which we'll use on Clonehunter. That and... user "A" white balance which I believe is daylight.

Ooh, it turns out that it's a good idea to bring more blues in because Jason made this logo for the ship.

Scene F2:AngryP

Operation Type ** Film Cam
Frame Rate ** Default
Syncro Scan ** 180.0d
Detail Level ** -7
V Detail Level ** -7
Detail Coring ** +7
Chroma Level ** -7
Chroma Phase ** 0 (on last three movies this was -7)
Color Temp ** -7
Master Ped ** -3
A. Iris Level ** 0
News Gamma ** Off
Gamma ** Cinelike V
Knee ** Auto
Matrix ** Norm
Skin Tone Dtl ** Off
V Detail Freq ** Thin

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