Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hoverbike More

The hoverbike will be basically an 8" tube of galvanized duct.

There shall be two hoverbikes constructed. Each will have a unique paint job.

I'd like the hero one to have a big number "7" in a white circle like an old race-car. Because I'd like that.

The villain hoverbike should, of course, have a shark-teeth design.

I can't actually model anything in 3D -- I wanted the nose and tail to have something more interesting going on. The exhaust could have one of those fans they sell for 8" galvanized duct you know.

The riders will not tend to lean over as far as this rider wants to do. They will tend to sit up like on an old-style motorcycle.

No, the bike won't like being sat on because of the light gauge of the material.

A piece of pipe will be inserted into the hoverbike so that it can hang from a pair of sawhorses when being filmed. Maybe? The pipe will be painted bluescreen blue in order to remove it easier?


Anonymous said...

i'm a fan of the warmth of the un-color-corrected version more so than the harshness the green tones lend in the color-corrected. the cc looks a bit too "contrasty" with the lights and darks.
the ucc is easier on the eyes.
just my opinion, of course.
since you asked: i'm viewing this on my mac.

Andrew Bellware said...

I like the un-cc version better too. That doesn't mean that's what we'll use though. The question is always "What will the distributor like better?"
We'll see what happens when we start adding visual effects.