Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Organized thoughts

Blogging nominally organizes my thoughts.

But I don't have particularly organized thoughts about cats.

They're just not that organizable.

Meydl is a supremely annoying kitten. Adorable as all get out. But really, she's the kind of kitten who, when you lie down to sleep, will come up behind the bed and start batting at your hair. And so of course when you are finally up and getting ready to go, she curls up in a ball on the nearest black piece of clothing to fall asleep.

Me, with my horrible, sick, and twisted revenge fantasies, I can't help but then pick her up and snorfle her tummy, waking her up. "Oh, does this bother you?" I say. And snorfle her again.

Setting her back down on my dad's black dinner jacket from whence she came, I took this picture.

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