Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sunday is Putting Out Fires Day

So it turns out I went to high school (briefly, as I changed schools in 10th grade) with Tim Sullivan, who is a horror film director. He made 2001 Maniacs and the sequel. He's a host on VH1's Scream Queens this season.
So of course we have a huge actor emergency on Earthkiller where one of the leads can't actually do the dates we need. Somebody made a mistake (probably me) and didn't inform the actor of the dates in a timely fashion. So now we gotta recast (and re-shoot a scene we've already shot). Fun! Excitement! Ahh the pleasures of producing a feature film...
Kontakt actually makes a free version of their sample player and they even have a free "light" version of a sound library.

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