Monday, August 09, 2010

This Isn't the Blog You're Looking For

I'm splitting myself into three blogs now. Update: but keeping this one. Just for personal stuff.

The official Pandora Machine (director's) blog is

The blog that the lead guitarist for Tyrannosaurus Mouse uses to over-talk about guitars, music, and probably more about guitars is at:

If you're (for whatever reason) interested in me blogging about cats and politics and whatever other idiotic things come into my head then you want: (Update: or just stay where you are. I set up the redirects to just work.)

I know, I know. Some people who just love the idea of three blogs-worth of inane ranting don't want me to become triophrenic bloggity-wise. But let me tell you, my distributor is not one of those people.

So this is the last post at this blog address. Update: actually, no, pay no attention to any of this. If you want movie stuff, go to the Pandora Machine blog. Tyrannosaurus Mouse? Go to that blog. Change your bookmarks! Come follow me elsewhere! See above!


DAVID FREY said...

Personally, I'm not crazy about the three blogs. I like getting all the nutty thoughts and happenings of your day to day in one, However, I understand it as a business move.
For the love of jebus, could you please add follow tabs to ALL of them, three web sites is too much to remember.
Thanks :)

Andrew Bellware said...

Yeah -- follow tabs. I'm on it baby!