Sunday, August 08, 2010

Earthkiller Day 5

Today I over scheduled. Or, I guess, I under-scheduled 'cause we didn't quite get every scene. But we shot a whole lot.
The call time on set was noon and right now it's 10:50pm and everyone is wrapped out.

We killed Alaina Hammond. Nat Cassidy lost an arm. That's how we roll.

Here's Maduka Steady, Tom Rowen, Nat Cassidy, and Alaina Hammond (still alive.)

So, a funny thing about the hacked version of the Panasonic GH-1 -- the countdown timer goes much faster than "real" time. That's because, I suppose, the data rate is so much higher. We never used to go over about 10GB per day but I find myself now "rolling out" of a 16GB SD card and moving onto a new card.

Which leads us to the amusing situation of taking a card out of the camera that has data which hasn't been backed up yet and replacing it with a card from yesterday which you will now format and erase. Here's a helpful hint you can use in life -- DO NOT MIX THE CARDS UP!

In fact, do a bit of playback on the new card you put in and make sure it's only the footage from the day before which you have dutifully backed up.

Lucy Rayner as Corporal Raze.

Robin Kurtz versus Maduka Steady.

Nat Cassidy, Tom Rowen, and Lucy Rayner wait by the airlock for what may lurk outside.

Lucy Rayner, Tom Rowen, and Maduka Steady by the locked door.

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Kangas said...

I am already irritated enough that I don't need the added jealousy of looking at all the cool sets and shit you get to play with on a daily basis.

Kindly fuck off.

Can't you go shoot a movie about some douchebags in the woods who get killed off by some masked nobody?