Sunday, August 08, 2010

Where did the vodka go?

Robin Kurtz as Helen and Alana Jackler as Hywell, in Earthkiller.

Behind them is the airlock.

I bought a bottle of vodka yesterday. I had two (admittatly large) screwdrivers with it. And I made one more for someone else. But at the end of the day the bottle was empty.

Maybe there is a hole in the bottom of the bottle? I'll go check.

Nat Cassidy as Carlyle, Tana Sarntinoranont as Russell, and Alaina Hammond as Therin, are all very irritated at the new android they find.

Tom Rowen as Tennyson, and Maduka Steady as Mach, make sure no zombies get through the front door (this is obviously a rehearsal 'cause the airlock is open -- you can see the bluescreen behind it.)

Alana Jackler as Hywell. She's very sick and tired of this android.

Alaina Hammond as Therin, she's irked with the android and with everyone else.

We actually had two actors with the name "Ah-lah-nah" on set. Spelled differently but pronounced the same. It led to predictable hilarity.

Joe Chapman loads up some space debris for tomorrow's shoot.

I'm going to prep a bit for today's shoot.

Prep? What's that?

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