Friday, August 06, 2010

What to Do?

Should I continue to use this, what we might call "insane" blog, where I blather about whatever my synapses tell me to on a given day?

Or should I separate into three blogs:

1. A Pandora Machine blog about all things movie-wise and distribution-ish and suchly

2. A Tyrannosaurus Mouse blog about all things guitar-wise and Tyrannosaurus mouse-ish (including my desperate need to get a psychedelic jacket)

3. A random synapse drunken blog wherein I complain about what used to be the Chicago School of economics and ideologies and pictures of naked people and bunnies.

For my little brain, it makes more sense to just do one blog. I'm typically thinking about those three things at the same time. From a business managing point-of-view it's completely ridiculous to not have separate blogs. Truthfully most of the traffic I get is from people doing google image searches for... well for mechs.

Maybe it's time for a poll! One blog or three? You tell me!

If you're reading this in a reader, open up in a new page and vote vote vote! Like a baby stoat! (That is, IF I can get a poll to work on this site. I don't know why Blogger is being so cranky. Otherwise, tell me in the comments.)

[This is my new "director's headshot" for this year.]


Daddy Dave said...

Drew, Drew, I love you.

Much as I enjoy your naked bunnies and cute women, it does make it difficult to send prospective actors to your site: They may get the wrong (or right) idea for the work you do, they can't view it at the office, and they must wade through fur and poonani before getting to anything flick-relevant.

I think you need three blogs. And I would visit each of them multiple times a day, to be sure.

Great interview. I can't wait to be on set in a few weeks... Have fun shooting tomorrow!

Home with my boy today, trying to write... and I have The World According to Garp on in the background. God, I love that movie, despite the dirth of robots and boobs.

Kangas said...

Well, personally I skip the Tyrannosaurus/audio gear chit chat when you post it, since I'm just not interested, but it seems like a lot of work to go make separate blogs.

If I were you and I was gonna post a long post about multiple things, just do 2 separate posts on the same day that are clearly labeled. That way I can skip the one I'm not interested in and go read the one about killing yourself to make B-movies. You know, the stuff I can identify with. :)

Also, not a good pic. You forgot some eyelights. Darkness is good, but you gotta have the eyelights. Without them it's pretty flat.

Andrew Bellware said...

As for the highlights in the eyes -- I didn't forget 'em, I had no way to get a light close enough to me. I was kind of hoping that the web dudes would fix it with Photoshop. If not, I'd say I was going for the Battlestar Galactical look.

There seems to be two schools of thought -- those who are guitar players and directors like the blog as it is. Those who aren't, don't. Hmm...

I do suspect that for purely "professional" reasons I want to make a separate blog for Pandora Machine. The advantage is that like Dave Lee points out, people looking for movie stuff aren't confused about why I'm ranting incessantly about soft guitar cases. (Did I mention I got an iGig bag? It's really nice.)