Friday, August 06, 2010

Earthkiller Day 3

We shot a half-day today but the amazing sets by Joe Chapman and Libby Csulik were, well... amazing. Actually it was one big set piece with a tube-shaft-thing leading into what we call the "robot room".

There's a grate on the floor (just like in the script) and a fan overhead, slowly twirling (just like in the script.)

Robin Kurtz as Helen in the robot room.

The evil fan overhead. (That thing is huge -- five feet across.)

Katie Hannigan as Mina.

Robin Kurtz as Helen.

Katie Hannigan as Mina.

Today was a big day -- starting with me picking up my stepmom at the hospital after her knee surgery, then to Metuchen where I handed her off to my dad who is taking her to the physical rehab place. Then picked up cast and crew for to shoot the robot room. That pickup was at 4:14pm and I'm wrapping up now at ten minutes of eleven pm. Tomorrow we start at 9am!

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