Friday, March 01, 2013

Dedicate Your Porpentine

Next week we will try having separate headphone mixes when we rehearse/record. Hmm... it occurs to me that this will mean we'll actually be able to hear what we're recording too. The trick with the JamHub is that it has TRS stereo inputs. So you can poke a regular 1/4" cable halfway into one of the inputs and the signal will show up on the left and right outputs. But you know, that's less than reliable.
The new Darth Vader hospital.
Take a listen to the Porpentine. This is City Samanas. I'm not sure what the piece of music we'd started jamming on was. I was just endeavoring to keep up.

I think we've figured out a pretty good 1968 band sound here. Of course, I'm still convinced we can move ourselves into the 1970's still only using two microphones for the drums. But I think we'll have to use some magical multi-band compression in order to let the cymbals ring and make the toms boom more.

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