Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rap Partay

Dragon Girl, which will now be called The Creature: Returns, had our wrap party today.

This was the "everybody close your eyes and we'll tell them that we all blinked simultaneously" actors taking direction test. You can see how well that went.
A vastly more right showing of the Dragon Girl cast.
We had air-mailed to us. Oh man. Those pizzas were delicious. We actually ate all the pizza. Chicago pizza for the win.
Queen of Mars made Nutella Rice Crispy treats. And we had Turkish salad. And drunken fruit salad (which makes me drinky e'en now). White wine, honey whisky, and whiskey and Cokes were served. As I recall.
Oh, and the name of the movie now is The Creature: Returns.


Aric Blue said...

wtf is that name? That's just weird... Was there a The Creature?

Andrew Bellware said...

Look man, I just do what I'm told. They wanna call it The Creature, it's "The Creature!" ;-)